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I used to call it "The Virus of the Month Club." Trying to warn colleagues about the corruption in the vaccine racket. Too many scoffed it off, and the swamp critters seem to have gotten their way. Vaccine numbers have never stacked up. The current situation has, thus, long been predicted. Not only do vaccines generate potentially trillions in profit, but the use of "Public Health Department" to instigate a totalitarian takeover. Maybe that doesn't seem so far-fetched today?

The main thing that is different today, that prevented this from happening sooner, is "Smart" phones. The reduction of everyone into individuals, at mercy of unchecked technocratic tyranny.

The people who drew current world borders, and decided what sort of regime to test out in various countries, seem, as predicted, to have selected the CCP model for all of us, forever.

In order to implant computers in your brain, you will likely need to take immunosupressive drugs, receive scores of vaccines, and wear a mask, for life. Best patch the humanity-hackers could come up with.

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