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Doctors of Chiropractic receive extensive, demanding professional education on par with medical doctors (MDs) and osteopaths (DOs).

To receive the doctor of chiropractic degree, candidates must complete extensive undergraduate prerequisites and four years of graduate-level instruction and internship at an accredited chiropractic institution. Comprehensive knowledge of all systems of the body and diagnostic procedures enable the DC to thoroughly evaluate a patient, address disorders relating to the spine and determine the need for referral to another health care provider.

Doctors of Chiropractic are primary health care providers. ... more

Publisher LogoScientists say the human brain resembles the cosmos Both neural and galactic networks have the same structure, pointing to a fractal universe. Tibi Puiuby Tibi Puiu November 19, 2020 in News, Science, Space

Side by side pictures of brain cells and a cosmic web of galaxies make it difficult to tell the two apart. So it can seem that the universe is like one giant brain or vice-versa, there’s a tiny universe in each of our brains. That’s not merely some entertaining thought. In a new study, an astrophysicist and a neurosurgeon have documented the striking similarities between cosmic networks of galaxies and neural networks of brain cells.

The mini-cosmos inside the brain

Alberto Feletti, a neurosurgeon at the University of Verona, and Franco Vazza, astrophysicist at the University of Bologna, performed a quantitative analysis of neural and cosmic networks, showing that the natural physical processes lead to similar structures even when differences in scale can be greater than 27 orders of magnitude.

The human brain contains approximately 69 billion neurons, whereas the observable universe consists of a web of at least 100 billion galaxies. In both galactic and neural networks, just 30% of their masses are composed of ‘working’ masses, such as galaxies and neurons. The rest of the 70% of matter plays an apparently passive role: water in the brain and dark energy in the observable cosmos... more

Part One – Covid-19 Scamdemic Casedemic latest and investigations

Tony and Martin joined by Lib Dem candidate for Bristol Mayor, Dr. Caroline Gooch, who has a PHD in neurophysiology.

Experts had been expecting a pandemic for a long time – 2017 war gaming of a pandemic – government didn’t learn and prepare. What could UK government have done better to deal with Covid 19. Ivermectin used effectively in other countries LINK**.

PMQs 50,000 undiagnosed cancers since Covid 19. PMQs Kier Starmer – what happens when furlough runs out? PMQs schools going back.

Why those pro Brexit are often anti lockdown too, and remainers are for lockdown.

Clean air zones in Bristol undecided STORY LINK**. Clean air zone for Bath in March. Public transport in Bristol. People living in vans in Bristol will not face possible injunction until Autumn.

Bristol’s working harbour under threat STORY LINK**.

PMQs Councils are strapped for cash. P

MQs Ian Liddel Grainger – Somerset Council should not be split.

What Caroline would do if she became Mayor.

Part Two – News Review and Investigative Reports: 

Meghan wins case against the Daily Mail who printed her letter to her Dad. How her Dad, Mr Markle, had tried to contact Meghan many times, and has proof, but she said he hadn’t – were their communications interfered with, or is one of them lying? LINK to Mail article**.

Queen doesn’t want shareholdings to be public STORY LINK**.

Peter Dasazk, Zoologist, worked with Wuhan lab on Gain of Function research, or bio warfare. March 2020 – What Next? Show – Dasazk predicting pandemics. CNN report by David Colver – Dasazk is one of the WHO team in China investigating origins of Covid 19 – conflict of interest. Steve Hilton’s report on Fox News – detailed investigation into Anthony Fauci’s and Peter Dasazk’s Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Lab, the main centre for this kind of research into bat coronaviruses – evidence points towards a lab leak of Covid 19. Larry Romanov – Fort Deitrich closed in summer 2019 – did Covid 19 actually leak from here? LINK**. NYP – Miranda Divine ….Dasazk…. Ronald Pees from Science in Action – Dasazk……... more

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