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The world is in triage. Population increasing by about 1 billion every 10 years! The term bioethics was recently invented to address the fact that if everyone got the best possible care, population will only increase faster. There are already not enough resources to provide standard medical care to everyone. Decisions have to be made who gets care and who doesn't. It tastes like Communism to me. Because the decisions are not being voted on by everybody. It is being co-ordinated via the UN WHO and dictated to the EU, etc.

The current battle to get subluxation recognized by the WHO as a legal entity is not about how many degrees a wervel is supposed to move. The picture is much bigger than that! It is bigger than what is the safest, most effective, and cheapest way to manage back pain.

Subluxation notwithstanding, Chiropractic philosophy of natural prevention and maintenance care is the target. End-of-life is their goal.

When people have a decent standard of living they stop having extra kids because they aren't needed as social security, and they cost too much. We are the solution, not the problem. Obviously. But as usual we are up against the most profitable corporations run by the most wealthy few on the planet. Whose objectives are strictly pragmatic. And self serving.

In case you were thinking being here doesn't really matter. Or that not getting involved is somehow safe. Lots of people, everywhere, still need to be enlightened by the Chiropractic paradigm. Even some DCs, apparently, not to mention the people on top.

Of course subluxations aren't real. Their is no physical substance to them. A rose by any other name, or phrase, is still a rose. Lots of words describe things that have no physical existence. Because the phenomena they give name to do exist. Explaining phenomena is naturally often complex or impossible. Yet, empirically we are confronted by them all the time.

I think we can make a case for adoption by the scientific and legal communities of the term subluxation, as we define it, to define the unique and demonstrable phenomenon, for the management of which, we are the experts. And fully deserving of primary care provider status.

All we have to do is explain that healthier, happier, longer lives for everyone doesn't spell the end of the world.

bioethics: https://www.scu.edu/ethics/focus-areas/bioethics/

Dear Colleagues,

A former president of the Cal Chiro Assn once told me that organizing Chiropractors is like herding cats. (Turns out you can lure cats if you have enough little "kitty nummy bits!") Time has come for us to all act together, and start reaping lots of heretofore unimagined Chiro nummy bits. -Like all the TMJ stretches you'll be getting from so many jaw-dropping revelations at http://DCforum.nl.

Wim, Cliff, and I would like to warmly invite you to come take a peek!

We created it for all the many good and right reasons that will only become apparent, and manifest, if YOU participate NOW! The more the merrier, for the sake of many hands making very light work.

The primary objective of the project is to collect, in a convenient, publicly visible forum, current compelling findings that prove CHIROPRACTIC really is really safe, effective, and efficient. Proof we have been antagonized for not having, for over a century. There is a lot of it now to dig up and post!

The several recent articles we have up already are quite astonishing. They honestly gave me a real boost in confidence, enthusiasm, and pride in being a Doctor of Chiropractic! Innate is telling me this project will uplift your spirits, too!

With a rank majority of our organization's members involved, each posting just a few articles per year, we can easily perform a great service for our profession, and the public, locally and globally. And benefit personally just as much. Put an ounce in and get 10 pounds back!

Besides facilitating greater public acceptance, we can, at long last, also unleash the tremendous, hitherto untapped, power of our associative potential. When you sign up you will discover the entire interactive member-only networking platform. Enabling everyone to get to know each other better, and discuss issues facing Chiropractic in Nederland, by easily sharing thoughts, questions, information, and concerns, privately. Now we can all be on the same page!

This community would be a lot easier to kick-start, if it was required. Technicalities prevent that. So, just play like it is! This is actually something enjoyable you get to do. So important it needs doing without needing to be told to.

Once you quickly get the hang of hanging out there, you'll be glad you joined. It becomes obvious pretty fast why Wim says everyone should.

If you are still hesitating to invest a little time, consider doing it as an act of faith, for the rest of us. If you don't find it worthwhile, even time saving, it's ok. Cliff insists I warn you it may actually be addictive!

Fast learning curve on how to post an article in less than a minute.
Lots of great private social network features inside for members only.
Exclusively for DCF/CCA/SNRC members, unless consensus dictates otherwise.

The more we learn from each other, the stronger we all become.

Be the first on your block! Get in fast and easy NOW, before word gets out, and we have to start screening new members. This week max. PLEASE!

Be sure to orient yourself by becoming familiar with the public content layout, before logging in.

Thank you all from all of us! See you there!

http://DCforum.nl   Making your life easier!

Be there, or be square! ;)

Yours in Chiropractic,

Kev, Wim, and Cliff

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