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The cosmic web

Plasma Universe’s cosmic electricity grid validated by observations of the ‘cosmic web’

Article first published 19/10/15


There is no starker contrast between the Big Bang and the Electric Plasma Universe (see [1] Continuous Creation from Electric Plasma versus Big Bang Universe, SiS 60). Big Bang cosmology developed when the Universe could only be seen dimly through light emitted in the visible electromagnetic spectrum, a narrow band less than one octave between 390 and 700 nm. Since the 1970s, space research has extended our vision enormously in an electromagnetic spectrum spanning some 30 octaves - from radio waves, microwaves, and infrared at one extreme to ultraviolet, x-rays and γ-rays at the other, all emitted by magnetized plasmas, and on timescales of split seconds to minutes, hours, and days. A cosmic extravaganza is enacted with the immediacy of happenings before our wide-open sleepless telescopic eyes. X-ray bursts change by orders of magnitude within milliseconds, some 1010 times faster than emissions in the visual range.

Instead of a static Big Bang Universe stuffed with dead dark matter and dark energy, the Electric Plasma Universe is alive and shimmering, flashing, often bursting with unrivalled brilliance, here, there, and everywhere we look. It is buzzing with [1] “electric-plasma currents accreting and concentrating mass and transferring energy over galactic and intergalactic distances, organizing space into cells surrounded by sheets and filaments of plasma bounded by electric double layers. The circuit paths are closed, sometimes over very large distances. Plasmas in relative motion in one part of the universe can produce prodigious amounts of electrical energy, and the energy transferred over many billions of light years to suddenly burst from a very small and localized region.” This was essentially the vision of Hannes Alfvén, father of astrophysics and the Plasma Universe [2]. It naturally leads to the idea of a cosmic electricity grid (see [3] Many Things New around Our Electric Sun, SiS 68). Unlike ordinary electricity grids, the cosmic grid of electric plasma transmission lines not only actively constructs itself, but also creates galaxies and stars from stardust in the process.

Alfvén’s vision has been lavishly validated by detailed astronomical observations. ... more

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