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Learning and teaching real yoga is the challenge.

Sort of like real Chiropractic instead of physiotherapy.

Malhotra is a leader in the cause.

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25 Years of Research on Indian Mind Sciences


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What is the caste system, and Aryan Invasion?

Sangam Talks 387K subscribers Anti-Brahminism originated in selective anti-Brahmin massacres by the Islamic and Portuguese invaders, and became central to the British defence of the colonial system. The Brahmin community was recognized as an obstacle to conversions and the backbone of the freedom movement. The Dalit and Dravidianist movement have instrumentalized the Aryan Invasion Theory in its service. It remains a central plank in India's "secularism" and international Hindu-bashing. About the Speaker: Dr. Koenraad Elst is a Belgian Indologist with a Masters in Indology, Sinology and Philosophy followed by original fieldwork in BHU and Doctorate on Hindu nationalism. One of the few Westerners to actively defend Hinduism, he is known for his blunt and objective views. Author of thirty books, a foreign desk press editor, foreign policy assistant in the Belgian Senate and a visiting professor at two Indian universities. more...

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Feb 4, 2023
Indian Consul-General was among the dignitaries in this gala event of 1,100 people for 4 hours. This video gives the highlights.

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Snakes in the Ganga - http://www.snakesintheganga.com
Varna Jati Caste - http://www.varnajaticaste.com
The Battle For IIT's - http://www.battleforiits.com
Power of future Machines - http://www.poweroffuturemachines.com
10 heads of Ravana - http://www.tenheadsofravana.com


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Sree Iyer I There is just 1 God in Hinduism I All Yoga practitioners are Hindus

PGurus266K subscribers 32,237 viewsApr 24, 2023#HinduPhobia#CoHNA Using the example of how 108 was derived, Sree Iyer explains why Hinduism is the most scientific religion. If there is just one God, how does one explain the common taunt against Hinduism, that there are millions of Gods? Watch this video to find out!  18m26


 A Quick primer on Cisco Caste case CRD, and SB 403 I Kushal I Richa Gautam


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CASTE is NOT HINDU | Guruji Sundara Raj | Pardip Kumar | Akshya Simrhen | #sangamtalks

CASTE is NOT HINDU should have been written and included as a part of the history syllabus in schools in the year 1947, when India gained independence. The caste wound is not healing and it is kept this way by foreign institutions. Hindus of all ages need to wake up and learn the truth. Together, we can change our history!
About the speakers:
Guruji Sundara Raj : A Yoga practitioner since 40+ years, who is promoting Ancient system of Yoga worldwide.

Aykshya Simrhen : An Academic Excellence Awardee in Mass Communication; instrumental in spreading awareness of the authentic Hindu history and culture.

Pardip Kumar Kukreja : An entrepreneur and a humanitarian who has created the concept of “Seva Gurukulams” in Malaysia.

Topics covered:
00:00 Power Statement
01:07 Speaker Introduction
03:20 Defining the “Caste Narrative”
06:25 Taking bull by the horns
12:22 Recap of ancient Bharat’s scientific glory
17:43 The brutal inquisition of Goa
22:29 The wounds of colonised Bharat
25:31 Fixing delusional British romanticism
28:07 Legal definition of Varna, Jati, & Cast
32:10 Census questionnaire; a dividing tool
38:32 Understanding Brahman, Brahma, Brahamanas, Brahmi
40:29 Imposition of the term ‘Brahmin’
47:18 A poem summarising the narrative
49:00 Prisoners of war in ancient Bharat
52:23 Can we give the benefit of doubt?
57:29 The problem of mental colonisation
01:01:50 Pillars of Hindu Dharma
01:07:50 What are Seva Gurukulums?
01:12:50 What is the Jati system?

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Canada's Weaponizing of Caste politics & Hinduphobia

Dr Ragini Sharma with Vijaya Viswanathan


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2,314 views  Premiered 7 hours ago
In this video Dr. Ragini Sharma, PHD, MSW: President, COHHE brings forward the issue of caste politics in Toronto, Canada. She has been at the forefront of battling weaponization of caste against hard working Hindu Canadians by woke leftists organizations like equality labs .

Snakes in the Ganga - http://www.snakesintheganga.com
Varna Jati Caste - http://www.varnajaticaste.com
The Battle For IIT's - http://www.battleforiits.com
Power of future Machines - http://www.poweroffuturemachines.com
10 heads of Ravana - http://www.tenheadsofravana.com

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 India: What Does Central Government's "Y-Break" Mean? | Vantage with Palki Sharma



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 How Meditation Works & Science-Based Effective Meditations | Huberman Lab Podcast #96

2,806,710 viewsOct 31, 2022Huberman Lab In this episode, I discuss the biological mechanisms of the state changes that occur during different types of meditation and describe how to develop the meditation practice optimal for you. I explain key meditation principles, such as using specific breathwork patterns and adjusting your perception to specific locations along the continuum between interoception, exteroception and dissociation. I discuss how meditation practices lead to long-term trait changes and neuroplasticity, including changing your default mood, reducing baseline anxiety/depression, increasing your ability to focus, enhancing relaxation, improving sleep, and increasing your overall happiness level. I also explain the concept behind the “third-eye center,” what mindfulness is from a biological standpoint, the power of ultra-brief meditations and how to select the best meditation and time and duration to meditate to meet your need. I also explain a novel open-eyed perception-based meditation that may enhance focus, relaxation and task-switching ability. Whether you are a novice or an experienced meditator or simply interested in how our brain controls different aspects of conscious awareness and self-regulation, this episode should interest you.

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 Christian Yoga Digests Hindu Metaphysics | EP8 Wisdom Sutra w/ Rajiv Malhotra

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514K subscribers
55,366 views  Premiered Aug 29, 2022
In this episode of Wisdom Sutra, Rajiv Malhotra asks if yoga can or should be decoupled from its Hindu roots? Christian Yoga is a shining example of the commodification and digestion of Hindu metaphysics

Full Playlist: https://bit.ly/Wisdomsutra


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90,806 views  Feb 11, 2022  The ZDoggMD Show
Daniel Schmachtenberger studies existential risk. Here's how we might thread an Alt-Middle way to a civilization whose tech, healthcare, social structures, and built environment promote wellbeing rather than divisional apocalypse.

Video and transcript (timecodes shortly): https://zdoggmd.com/daniel-schmachten...

About Daniel: https://civilizationemerging.com/about/
Daniel's Consilience Project: https://consilienceproject.org/

Our podcast, videos, website, social media, and email contact: https://lnk.bio/zdoggmd


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 The Shocking New Science Of How To Manage Your Stress - Dr Robert Sapolsky | Modern Wisdom 693


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