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Learning and teaching real yoga is the challenge.

Sort of like real Chiropractic instead of physiotherapy.

Malhotra is a leader in the cause.

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25 Years of Research on Indian Mind Sciences


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What is the caste system, and Aryan Invasion?

Sangam Talks 387K subscribers Anti-Brahminism originated in selective anti-Brahmin massacres by the Islamic and Portuguese invaders, and became central to the British defence of the colonial system. The Brahmin community was recognized as an obstacle to conversions and the backbone of the freedom movement. The Dalit and Dravidianist movement have instrumentalized the Aryan Invasion Theory in its service. It remains a central plank in India's "secularism" and international Hindu-bashing. About the Speaker: Dr. Koenraad Elst is a Belgian Indologist with a Masters in Indology, Sinology and Philosophy followed by original fieldwork in BHU and Doctorate on Hindu nationalism. One of the few Westerners to actively defend Hinduism, he is known for his blunt and objective views. Author of thirty books, a foreign desk press editor, foreign policy assistant in the Belgian Senate and a visiting professor at two Indian universities. more...

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