USA Launch Event of 'Snakes in the Ganga'

 9,358 views  Premiered Jan 9, 2023
GRAND launch event of the book 'Snakes in the Ganga' was organized in New Jersey, USA, by the supporters of Infinity Foundation. Some of the most outstanding people in the Indian American community came together to celebrate the launch of the monumental work we have been doing.

Timestamp :

00:00:00 Highlight
00:01:54 Book signing
00:02:20 Book launch
00:04:24 Introduction
00:08:20 Acknowledgements
00:11:11 Unknown unknowns
00:14:49 the foundations journey
00:22:07 Attack on IITs
00:25:45 inconvenient facts
00:30:45 Breaking India 2.0
00:33:29 Importance of database
00:39:17 Indian billionaires
00:57:41 Audience  Question
01:00:50 Audience  Question
01:02:34 Audience  Question
01:02:55 Audience  Question
01:05:26 Q1 - Rajiv's biography
01:12:35 Q2 - Rajiv's guru
01:18:14 Q3 - India's government
01:22:53 Q4 - Need for resources
01:38:12 Q5 - Wokeism'starget

The Wall

Jan 19 '23
Taking the battle to Harvard | Harvard university launch of Snakes in the Ganga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2qxyxO_xHc
Jan 20 '23
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