PLACEBO: the miracle cure with no medicine in it

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You can heal yourself with your brain. It's not a trick, it's not fake...it's just the mind wielding pure power over the body. Placebos might get a side-eye glance and a bad reputation from doctors, but I'm going to dive in deep into why you shouldn't ignore this "humble humbug". So if you've ever wanted to know how placebos work, why they're important, and how they can be harnessed in modern medicine, then this is the video for you. Plus...is the placebo effect getting stronger? Yes and I'll tell you why.

But that's not all – I'll also ponder the role of the placebo effect in alternative medicine and its implications for healthcare. From the efficacy of natural remedies to the dangers of relying solely on unproven treatments, I'll tackle some thought-provoking questions about where to draw the line between tradition and innovation in healthcare. Have a personal anecdote about your own experiences with placebos? Let me know in the comments. I'll be hanging out there and responding as much as I can.

0:00 - Let me capture your interest
1:20 - Wild examples of placebos in history
4:32 - How placebos became a research tool
8:39 - Okay, let's not forget about "nocebos"
10:17 - They're useful for pain
12:55 - Are they as effective as antidepressants?
15:42 - Gut problems and placebos
18:32 - What's going on in the brain? (and beyond)
24:43 - Is it wrong to exploit the placeo effect?
27:07 - What psychedelics can teach us about placebos
29:44 - Maybe alternative medicine ain't all that bad?
33:36 - The placebo effect is getting stronger
35:43 - Key takeaways
38:29 - Yes, I take placebos too

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