THE ANTIDOTE - Origin and Antidote for Covid-19 | Bryan Ardis

The 2.5 hours in-depth Interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis and Jason Shurka exposing the truth - origin and unexpected antidote for Covid-19 that ravaged the world.
These findings are also applicable for the upcoming Marburg / Ebola situation.
The cures revealed in this interview should work in that situation.

During this talk we are given the explanation for how the c-19 pandemic was created and we are given the cures for raspatory problems (long Covid) - burning eyes - tinnitus - psychological / memory problems - myocarditis - diabetes type 1 and even Parkinson.

This is a remastered video from *.
We will try to update this material. This link will be updated. The current version is 1.2.

Dr. Bryan Ardis is a renowned doctor and researcher who has been at the forefront of uncovering the origins of C19 and finding ways to counter its effects. Despite facing resistance from major pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Ardis remains steadfast in his mission to unearth the truth.

TLS has been closely monitoring Dr. Ardis's progress over the past year and supports his efforts to disseminate this vital information to a global audience. This interview serves to bring his valuable insights to the forefront.

Share this interview far and wide to reach the world.




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