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Understanding the malinformative nature of pharmaceutical industry propaganda is vital. This article is a good example for analysis. So much of this manipulation of facts, and doublespeak, get blasted at us, that it is worth the time to dissect some of it closely. It helps to know the tricks, so they become easy to spot.

"Stakeholders" have high stakes simultaneously in pharma, insurance, hospitals, retirement funds, media, academia, government policy, and corporations hurt by disability expenses and paying out retirement income for decades per retiree. It is a house of cards because it depends on unaffordable, unsafe, and ineffective medical care.

Pain relief care is ok, but making people healthy is bad for the markets.


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Study Links Chiropractic Care to Lower Costs, Faster Return to Work

Chiropractors are involved in only a small fraction of workers’ compensation claims for low back pain in states where insurers or employers control the choice of medical provider, but a report released Tuesday suggests that skepticism [insurance company stakeholder worry?] about runaway costs [of medical sickness care] may be unfounded [thanks to chiropractic care].

A study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute found that medical care costs less and claimants return to work more quickly when low back pain treatment is provided solely by chiropractors. Costs were also lower when chiropractors provided physical medicine services but other types of clinicians were in charge of evaluation and management, but the difference was not as dramatic.

“This study will be helpful for policymakers and stakeholders who are interested in re-evaluating the role of chiropractors, especially those who have been adopting evidence-based practices and contributing to cost-effective care,” stated WCRI President and Chief Executive Officer John Ruser in a press release. ... more

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