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Health & Wellness Health COVID-19 much less deadly than previously thought, major study finds Will Jones
The Daily Sceptic
Mon, 17 Oct 2022 12:53 UTC Dr. John Ioannidis COVID-19 is much less deadly in the non-elderly population than previously thought, a major new study of antibody prevalence surveys has concluded.

The study was led by Dr. John Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Stanford University, who famously sounded an early warning on March 17th 2020 with a widely-read article in Stat News, presciently arguing that "we are making decisions without reliable data" and "with lockdowns of months, if not years, life largely stops, short-term and long-term consequences are entirely unknown, and billions, not just millions, of lives may be eventually at stake".

In the new study, which is currently undergoing peer-review, Prof. Ioannidis and colleagues found that across 31 national seroprevalence studies in the pre-vaccination era, the average (median) infection fatality rate of COVID-19 was estimated to be just 0.035% for people aged 0-59 years and 0.095% for those aged 0-69 years. A further breakdown by age group found that the average IFR was 0.0003% at 0-19 years, 0.003% at 20-29 years, 0.011% at 30-39 years, 0.035% at 40-49 years, 0.129% at 50-59 years, and 0.501% at 60-69 years.

covid pre-vax IFR graphThe study states that it shows a "much lower pre-vaccination IFR in non-elderly populations than previously suggested".

A breakdown by country reveals the wide range of IFR values across different populations.

IFR % by countryThe significantly higher values for the top seven suggest some of the difference may be an artefact of, for example, the way Covid deaths are counted, particularly where excess death levels are similar. Note also that the antibody studies datefrom various points during the first year of the pandemic, most of them prior to the large winter wave of 2020-21, when levels of spread and numbers of deaths were more varied than later in the pandemic as subsequent waves caused countries to converge.

The reason some countries had much lower values and some much higher is not completely clear. The authors suggest that "much of the diversity in IFR across countries is explained by differences in age structure", as per the plot below.

meta-regression IFR graphHowever, the age breakdown by country suggests that the IFR differed for each age group in each country, casting doubt on that suggestion. (In the chart below, note the logarithmic scale, and ignore the zig-zag lines, which are due to small countries having low numbers of deaths.)
graph IFR countryWhy are countries seeing differing IFRs even for the same age groups? The authors suggest a number of explanations, including data artefacts (e.g. if the number of deaths or seroprevalence are not accurately measured), presence and severity of comorbidities (for example, obesity affects 42% of the U.S. population, but the proportion of obese adults is only 2% in Vietnam, 4% in India and under 10% in most African countries, though it affects almost 40% of South African women), the presence of frail individuals in nursing homes and differences in management, healthcare, overall societal support and levels of drug problems.

Prof. Ioannidis has previously published a number of papers estimating COVID-19's IFR using seroprevalence surveys. He and his team conclude that their new estimates provide a baseline from which to assess further IFR declines following the widespread use of vaccination, prior infections and evolution of new variants such as Omicron.
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Understanding the malinformative nature of pharmaceutical industry propaganda is vital. This article is a good example for analysis. So much of this manipulation of facts, and doublespeak, get blasted at us, that it is worth the time to dissect some of it closely. It helps to know the tricks, so they become easy to spot.

"Stakeholders" have high stakes simultaneously in pharma, insurance, hospitals, retirement funds, media, academia, government policy, and corporations hurt by disability expenses and paying out retirement income for decades per retiree. It is a house of cards because it depends on unaffordable, unsafe, and ineffective medical care.

Pain relief care is ok, but making people healthy is bad for the markets.


Accident Reconstruction Experts Claims Journal - Insurance news and resources for claims adjusters

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Study Links Chiropractic Care to Lower Costs, Faster Return to Work

Chiropractors are involved in only a small fraction of workers’ compensation claims for low back pain in states where insurers or employers control the choice of medical provider, but a report released Tuesday suggests that skepticism [insurance company stakeholder worry?] about runaway costs [of medical sickness care] may be unfounded [thanks to chiropractic care].

A study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute found that medical care costs less and claimants return to work more quickly when low back pain treatment is provided solely by chiropractors. Costs were also lower when chiropractors provided physical medicine services but other types of clinicians were in charge of evaluation and management, but the difference was not as dramatic.

“This study will be helpful for policymakers and stakeholders who are interested in re-evaluating the role of chiropractors, especially those who have been adopting evidence-based practices and contributing to cost-effective care,” stated WCRI President and Chief Executive Officer John Ruser in a press release. ... more

Opinion The illusion of evidence based medicine BMJ 2022; 376 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.o702 (Published 16 March 2022) Cite this as: BMJ 2022;376:o702
  1. Jon Jureidini, research leader1,  
  2. Leemon B. McHenry, professor emeritus2
    Author affiliations

Evidence based medicine has been corrupted by corporate interests, failed regulation, and commercialisation of academia, argue these authors

The advent of evidence based medicine was a paradigm shift intended to provide a solid scientific foundation for medicine. The validity of this new paradigm, however, depends on reliable data from clinical trials, most of which are conducted by the pharmaceutical industry and reported in the names of senior academics. The release into the public domain of previously confidential pharmaceutical industry documents has given the medical community valuable insight into the degree to which industry sponsored clinical trials are misrepresented.1234 Until this problem is corrected, evidence based medicine will remain an illusion.

The philosophy of critical rationalism, advanced by the philosopher Karl Popper, famously advocated for the integrity of science and its role in an open, democratic society. A science of real integrity would be one in which practitioners are careful not to cling to cherished hypotheses and take seriously the outcome of the most stringent experiments.5 This ideal is, however, threatened by corporations, in which financial interests trump the common good. Medicine is largely dominated by a small number of very large pharmaceutical companies that compete for market share, but are effectively united in their efforts to expanding that market. The short term stimulus to biomedical research because of privatisation has been celebrated by free market champions, but the unintended, long term consequences for medicine have been severe. Scientific progress is thwarted by the ownership of data and knowledge because industry suppresses negative trial results, fails to report adverse events, and does not share raw data with the academic research community. Patients die because of the adverse impact of commercial interests on the research agenda, universities, and regulators....  ... more


Part1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/yII1pZmVYnLN/

PANDA (Pandemics – data and analysis) has been very outspoken with regards to Covid-19, lockdowns and government’s approach to the virus. Their viewpoints have certainly ruffled a few feathers over the past year, with many speaking out against the think tank. Nick Hudson, co-founder of PANDA, spoke at the inaugural BizNews Investment Conference earlier this month.

Part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Pmi2nUhmDool/

More info:

Source: Philosophers-stone.info Bitchute channel:




I used to call it "The Virus of the Month Club." Trying to warn colleagues about the corruption in the vaccine racket. Too many scoffed it off, and the swamp critters seem to have gotten their way. Vaccine numbers have never stacked up. The current situation has, thus, long been predicted. Not only do vaccines generate potentially trillions in profit, but the use of "Public Health Department" to instigate a totalitarian takeover. Maybe that doesn't seem so far-fetched today?

The main thing that is different today, that prevented this from happening sooner, is "Smart" phones. The reduction of everyone into individuals, at mercy of unchecked technocratic tyranny.

The people who drew current world borders, and decided what sort of regime to test out in various countries, seem, as predicted, to have selected the CCP model for all of us, forever.

In order to implant computers in your brain, you will likely need to take immunosupressive drugs, receive scores of vaccines, and wear a mask, for life. Best patch the humanity-hackers could come up with.


Thought it appropriate to create a zone for vaccine info. My guess is that most people who think 1 in 36 with ASD and 70 pricks for kids is nothing to be concerned about, haven't actually looked at the available information.

We interview Stem Cell Pioneer Theresa Deisher PhD who has a PhD on Fetal DNA Fragments contaminants and retroviruses in vaccines.The research Theresa focuses on is the health risks residual human fetal DNA found in pharmaceutical products. These include vaccines and how the contaminants could have affects on autism, autoimmune disease and cancer. Is the Pertussis Vaccine causing outbreaks? We are told vaccines are meant to protect us from disease so why are the stats showing that "research looked at nearly half a million children born between 1999 and 2016, and found that most whopping cough cases (82%) occurred in children who were fully vaccinated or over-vaccinated" - CNN. Watch for more facts! 


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